New series coming soon!

This last month I’ve been trying to think of different types of articles that I could write on here. I don’t just want to write reviews, especially since right now there’s really not a lot of new games out that I can review, and I don’t really want to write news articles. There’s already plenty of sites that produce news articles and eventually, a reader is just going to be reading the same thing on every site. The other day I came up with a series that I think could be a great way of getting articles on a regular basis. This series is going to be called, ” My first time Playing”.

So what exactly will these articles focus on? Well over the years there have been games that I’ve never got around to playing. whether it was because  I didn’t have time to play it, didn’t have the cash, or just didn’t feel like playing it at the time. From time to time, I like to go back to these games and play them. Now I won’t be reviewing the game I discuss, as most three-years-old or older, so there just won’t any point to actually reviewing them. Instead “My first time Playing”, will primarily be an impressions series. I’ll give my general thoughts on the game, and the reception the game got whether it got critical acclaim or got a negative reception.

Do I have any games planned for this series? Yes, I already have a game planned and I’ll start working on the article shortly.

What is the game? The first game I am planning on discussing is World of Warcraft.

Why this particular game? I’ll discuss this in more depth in the article but to keep it short, Warcraft is a game I’ve been trying to get in for awhile but being more a singleplayer gamer, I always had a tough time getting into it. In April I finally managed to really get into the game. Again I’ll give more details in the article.

I don’t have an exact date on when I’ll have this article posted but I am aiming by the end of the month.




The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist

The Elder Scrolls is quite possibly my favorite game series. Each game feels different from the previous entry and always feels special. While it most likely will be awhile before The Elder Scrolls VI is announced I just wanted to take the time to create a list of the ten things I would like to see in the next game. The list is in no particular order, just numbered for convenience. Also, for the list, I am only using Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim as examples. Reason being is because those are the only Elder Scroll games I’ve played and because for the most part when people think of The Elder Scrolls they picture one of those three games.

1. Cites and Towns

I am a huge fan of  cites in video games, I just love being able to explore them to try and find as secrets  as I can and I enjoy seeing the different architecture of each building, In fact, the first  thing  I did when I left the Imperial City sewers for the first time was headed off to the first city I could see and that was the Imperial City. I loved exploring each of the districts, gambling at the arena or even completing in Arena matches to become the grand champion,  and I enjoyed seeing all the different races living in the city. The cites in Oblivion were large and filled with exciting quests to find. Each city felt different than the previous one which made it, even more, exciting to explore each one.


Cites in Skyrim, however, took a bit of a downgrade. There were only two cities in Skyrim that I had enjoyed exploring and those cites were Solitude and Markarth. Even then when compared to the cites in Oblivion and Morrowind, both cities were small and didn’t have as much to explore. Besides the two cites mentioned the main cities in Skyrim felt more like small towns than cities.


What I would like to see in the next Elder Scrolls game is larger main cities with smaller villages to find when out exploring whichever province the next game is set in. I want there to be a city where you can spot the buildings from miles away, and once you get closer to that city it looks like a heavily populated city,  that could hold many secrets. Cites in the next game shouldn’t just be something that you go to sell or buy goods from the merchants or because you need to go there to complete a quest. Players should want to go there not just for those needs but to explore them as well.

2. Better Role-playing

At its heart, The Elder Scrolls is a role-playing game. However, most of the role-playing comes from combat. What I’d like to see in The Elder Scrolls 6 is a bigger focus on non-combat role-playing. Let’s say you are a player who loves Alchemy. You know which ingredients you will need to create powerful potions that will sell for a lot of money. So, you decide to convert your home into an alchemy store. Starting off you’d have to actually gather your ingredients out in the wilderness and once you start making enough coin you could even hire the worker to do this for you. You could even do the same for smithing. I just would like more options for those who want an alternative to combat.

3. Classes and Attributes

Removing classes and attributes in Skyrim was something that I could never find the reasoning to why they did this. I felt that the classes and attributes added more depth to creating your character. You had to be careful when upgrading certain attributes. If you upgraded the wrong attribute it could possibly ruin your character making you significantly less powerful than enemies. Skyrim was more forgiving. It eliminated the class system and instead of focusing on major and minor skills to level up; now any skill would affect your main level and if you wanted to switch from archery to two-handed weapons in the middle of the game it was fairly easy to do. Now while you could switch your play style in Morrowind and Oblivion this was a lot harder to do.

In Morrowind, if you didn’t have two-handed weapons as a major or minor skill and then if you started to level that skill, it would have zero effect on your actual character level. This was also the case with Oblivion. Then if you were focusing a little much on two-handed weaponry and weren’t leveling up archery, you would start to notice that enemies were stronger and your character really wasn’t getting any better.


What I’d like to see return is the random chance of skill to not be successful in whatever action you were trying to do. In Morrowind there was always the chance that swinging a melee weapon could miss, or brewing a potion could fail, your arrow could miss even with the crosshair directly on the on the enemy and casting a spell could fail as well. This made Morrowind feel like a tabletop RPG. Now, I don’t think they should have this system for melee weapons or archery. It just doesn’t make sense that a sword would miss when you are inches from your opponent. I feel that this system should be used for alchemy and magic. To me, it just makes sense that a mage even one that is powerful could fail at casting a spell, especially if they are trying to cast a powerful spell. Same with an alchemist. There should always be that chance that chance that potion may not turn out. The chance just all comes down to how you build your character. The stronger you become the better your chances of casting that spell or brewing a potion would become.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing the lockpicking mini-game being removed as well. To me, the lockpicking mini-game was more about player skill and not how you built your character. Sure, the better your lockpicking skill is the easier locking picking would be, but you could still open a master lock at a low level. You might chew through half of your picks, but you could still open it. With Morrowind, lockpicking was all about your character’s skill not if you pass a mini-game. Try and open a master lock with only a lockpicking skill of 20, then you’re most likely not going to open it.

By bringing back classes and attributes, and having the chance that an action may fail based on how you built your character, I feel that The Elder Scrolls VI could return to it traditional RPG roots.




4. Improved Melee Combat

When it comes to which combat play style I choose in an Elder Scrolls game, I typically go with a ranged playstyle and this comes down because I always found melee combat in The Elder Scrolls games to have a rather clunky feeling to it at times, It just  felt like any melee weapon that used  had no weight to them. What I would like to see is for the weapons to have more weight to them and what I mean by that is I want a sword to actually feel and act like a sword during combat. I would like to see swords ricochet off of one another would both opponents swing their swords. I’d also like to see more decapitations with swords. Swords should be taking off a leg or an arm occasionally. I feel by adding both of these features melee combat would actually start feeling less clunky and more like a real melee weapon.

5. Voice Acting

The voice acting in The Elder Scrolls game for the most has normally been great, but the one issue I’ve always had is hearing the same voices over and over again. It’s probably the worse in Oblivion where you can see two citizens talking to each other with the same exact voice. It felt like they were just having a conversation with themselves and not with another  Skyrim every guard had the same exact voice. Now, I get that The Elder Scrolls are big games with lots of NPCs but The Witcher 3 is also a big  open-world game with lots of NPCs, but it doesn’t repeat voices and if it does it’s just for regular citizens roaming the cities, not characters that you can talk to and interact with. There’s really no excuse in The Elder Scrolls VI to make sure that have characters has their own unique voice.

6. Survival Mode

Now while survival mode has already been available in Skyrim through mods and now through Bethesda’s Creation Club,  but I want this mode to be in The Elder Scrolls VI from lunch. Survival mode not only makes the game harder but make the player feel more immersed in the game world.

Personally, I’d like the survival mechanics to feel a little more realistic. One of my biggest gripes with survival games that include having to take care of your basic human needs is that they focus on these mechanics a little too much. It just feels that every few minutes you’re having to eat, drink, or sleep. It feels like your character is eating and burning over two thousand calories every minute. This was especially noticeable in Fallout 4 and Skrim. To be a survival mode should be about having to micromanage your levels of hungry, thirst, and how tired you are constantly. These basic needs should still feel important, but there are other things that contribute to your survival.

One great thing about Skyrim’s survival mode came from its climate. With the temperature ranging from chilly to freezing, you had to make sure that your character was staying warm. Add in the fact that fast travel was disabled, you’d had to actually prepare for a long journey. Mapping out if you’d be okay, not taking fur armor with you to keep you warm.  Climate survival really can work depending on where the next Elder Scrolls game takes place. A province like Hammerfell could benefit from this type of survival since the province is mostly a wide-open desert. Instead of having to manage coldness, you’d instead have to manage how hot your character becomes, or trying to keep your character hydrated due to the heat. Basically what I want to see in The Elder Scrolls is a bigger and better survival mode.

7. Weapon and Armor Durability

This was something else that always made me question why it was taken out from Skyrim, especially since smithing was a skill now. You could make your own weapons and armor but for some reason, durability was taken out. I really don’t get why they did this. Weapons and armor will degrade over time, especially when being used a lot. I personally would like to see weapon durability make a return, unlike Morrowind and Oblivion I don’t want to see a message saying my weapon or armor is damaged; I actually want to see it damaged. There should be dents in the armor, a sword could even shatter in your hand and the bowstring could snap. The Elder Scrolls VI  should offer visual ways of knowing your gear is damaged not just with a message.

8. Magic

The continent of Tamriel is filled with both new and ancient magic with each race having a different view of those who use magic. Besides playing as an archer, being a mage is one of my favorite ways to play an Elder Scrolls game. There’s just so many combinations that you can use magic with. You can decide to go as a pure mage. Your knowledge of magic is vast and can use it for both offense and defense. You can decide to go with a battle-mage. Equipping a heavy mace in one hand and a powerful spell in the other. You can use the power of illusion to corrupt the minds of Tamriel to become a deadly assassin.

Again, the possibilities with magic are almost endless, however, I feel that there is still much that can be done. Skyrim for me was a step backwards in terms of magic, sure the visuals when it came to spells were amazing and it was great that you could dual wield magic or even have a one-handed weapon in one hand and a spell in the other; but in terms of the number of spells and the fact that the ability to create spells was removed.


One feature that I was disappointed that wasn’t in Skyrim was being able to create your own spells. Now, Skyrim did allow you to create spell books with certain materials, but this system was severely limited when compared to what Morrowind and Oblivion had to offer.  I spent countless hours making spells and then finding citizens around the Imperial City to test my spells on.   Skyrim desperately needed spell making in the game since it lacked in creative spells and the number of spells the previous two games had to offer.


Let’s looks at the Conjuration school.  A school that I feel has taken the biggest hit in the number of spells. Both Morrowind and Oblivion had up to 30 different Conjuration spells. Both games allowed you to conjure armor, weapons, and creatures. Skyrim only had 25 spells and most of the conjurations you could do was creatures. You couldn’t conjure armor and the only weapons you could conjure was a bound bow, sword, and battleax. I know there’s the saying of quality over quantity but Morrowind and Oblivion beat Skyrim in both terms. This isn’t just with conjuration either. There were other fun spells like telekinesis, opening locks with a spell, and levitating. All of these spells gave playing as a mage more variety and made the game a lot more fun. I could go on all for the rest of the article just talking about magic but I think it’s time to move on.

9. Reputation

The Elder Scrolls have always had a rather simplistic way of getting characters to like you. Normally it was just by doing something for them and then they would have a positive view of you, but making them hate was just as simply trying to offer them a bribe. Citizens also really didn’t react to your accomplishments. Sure, in Skyrim they would recognize you as the Dragonborn but would fail to recognize anything else you did. It didn’t matter if you had helped the Stormcloacks or the Imperials. Neither faction really would react at all. Sometimes if dressed in Imperial armor a guard would call you an Imperial spy but that was about it.

Personally, I’d like to see something like the reputation system from Fallout: New Vegas. Gaining fame or becoming a villain would come down to who you choose to help and don’t help, which faction you choose to join, and if you just randomly decide to go around killing people. You could track which cities like or don’t like you and citizens would react depending on what your status with the city is like.

Racial reputation would be an interesting feature to add in as well. To me, this was a huge missed opportunity in Skyrim. During the timeline in Skyrim, the province was in a civil war between the Stormcloaks the Imperials, all because the Nords felt that their lively hood was being ruined since they could no longer worship Talos all thanks to the Thalmor. The Stormcloaks also believed that Nords were the only race to live in Skrim, they had a severe hatred for any race that wasn’t Nord. However, this didn’t stop my Dark Elf character from being able to join the Stormcloaks. In fact, no Nord in Windhelm would say anything about the fact that I was Dark Elf even though Dark Elves were treated horribly in Windhelm.

What I would like to see some NPCs treating you differently if you play as a race they don’t like. Let’s say you walk into an alchemy store that is run by a High Elf and you want to sell or buy some potions but since you are playing as a Dark Elf and this particular High Elf doesn’t like Dark Elves he won’t sell you anything or accept your goods. Maybe he even threatens to call the guards if you keep coming into his shop.  There’s a lot more they could do with this and I feel that this would make playing as other races for different playthroughs have more meaning so you can see how different NPCs react to you.

10. Factions need an upgrade

Joining a faction in The Elder Scroll is always filled with pros. You normally get free stuff, plenty of side quests to complete, and the main questline as well. One of the issues I’ve always had with the factions is being able to join multiple factions or even all of them. The reason for this comes down to the morals of each faction. While the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild are all criminals, they both have different rules associated with being part of them. The Thieves Guild are simply that thieves, they aren’t killers. Every mission in the Dark Brotherhood involves assassinations, so to me, it just makes sense that someone who is a part of the Thieves Guild would want to be in the Dark Brotherhood, it would go against everything their guild stands for.

What I’d also like to see is if the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves had some mystery with them again. I remember in Oblivion seeing posters around the Imperial City around someone known as the Gray Fox. Asking citizens around the city I would get responses saying that he was the leader of the Thieves Guild. Eventually, I got a letter to meet in a location at midnight.  Or if you can get on the good side of a begger they’ll tell you location you need to go to.  Once at the location, I  was given the opportunity to join the Thieves Guild but had to compete with a few others who wanted to join as well. With Skyrim as you soon as walk into Riften and enter the marketplace Brynjolf will start talking to about needing help with a job, saying that you haven’t earned any of the gold you are carrying honestly (even if you haven’t stolen any gold or  you got your  gold through honest means.) After completing the job, you can then join the Thieves.

The Dark Brotherhood does the same thing as well. You can hear citizens talking about the Aretino boy in Windhelm trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood by performing the Black Sacrament. Upon going to his home, the boy will ask you to kill Grelod the Kind. After killing her and returning the next time you sleep you will wake up in a shack and be forced to kill one of three people. Upon this, you get to join the Dark Brotherhood. In Oblivion you had to actually kill an innocent before even getting the chance to join.

Both the Brotherhood and the Thieves were stripped of the mystery and investigation of joining one of these two factions, making it simple to join them. Even joining the mage guild or now known as the College of Winterhold. All you had to do is cast one spell and you’re in. Oblivion you had to travel to each mage guild and get a recommendation from them.  Once you did that you are then an official member of the mage guild.

Faction quests in Skyrim were boring and completely forgettable. Really the only quest I can remember was when you have to kill Vittoria Vici during her wedding.  Really that was the only mission out of all the faction quests I can actually remember. When compared to Oblivion. I can remember having to sneak in the Imperial Palace, making sure to avoid any guards so that you can steal an Elder Scroll.  In the Dark Brotherhood, one of my favorite quests had you locked in a house the entire time where the goal was to kill five targets, the catch is you have to make sure no one sees you kill them. I could go on all day on the faction quests I can remember from Oblivion, but that will make this article a little too long.

Basically, when it comes to factions I want to see more memorable quests in the next game and I would like to either be restricted to be only allowed to join one faction or at least have consequences for joining a faction that goes against another’s rules.

Again I could go on all day about the different things I’d like in the next Elder Scrolls game but I feel that listing 10 things is a great start. With the next game most likely not coming out for a few more years, I’ll probably end up making a separate article listing other things I’d like to see.











South Park: The Fractured but Whole – Review – With Great Power Comes Great Chicks and Money

Developer:  UbisoftUbisoft San Francisco

Publisher:  Ubisoft

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Window (Reviewed)
Release Date: October 17th, 2017

At first glance you might mistake The Fractured but Whole as being a 20-hour long season of South Park that you can binge watch in a few days. It has all of the humor that South Park is known for,  the social commentary has been upgraded and is more funnier than ever. The biggest difference between this and a episode of  South Park is we aren’t just watching the boys go on an adventure, we get to join in on it.
You return as the New Kid. After raising to become the the King in The Stick of Truth, the kids decide to switch games and dawn their superhero personas. This leads you to once again becoming as no body. All of your previous achievements are forgotten and must now prove yourself as a superhero. Like in Stick of Truth, the kids are split into two factions. Once being Coons and Friends and the other being Freedom Pals. What starts off being a simple plot line of trying to find a lost cat so that Coon and Friends can use the $100 reward to start their own superhero franchise.  However nothing in South Park is simple. This simple case of a lost cat turns in a larger conspiracy involving cat urine in alcohol and the police.
Returning as the New Kid you will be able to unleash your amazing fart powers once again. This time your farts are literally so powerful that they can bend the fabricates of time and space. One of the first power you will unlock is a time glitch fart. Using this fart will allow you to reverse time. Another fart pauses time and you even get a fart that will change night to day or day to night. All of these farts will allow you solve puzzles as you explore the town of South Park.  You can even use your farts in combat as well. Using the glitch will skip a enemies turn while pausing time allows you to gets some free hits on as many enemies as possible within five seconds. In order to acquire these amazing fart powers you will need a recipe for a burrito. You get the recipe from  Morgan Freeman who for some reason owns and runs his own taco store. I’ll admit I laughed like a little kid every time I used one of these farts.
The combat in The Fractured but Whole is still turn based but unlike Stick of Truth the turn past combat isn’t using the JRPG like system but instead going for a tactical 3-D grid allowing you, your allies, and your enemies to move around the environment. I prefer this this combat system over the one in Stick of Truth. I found older combat to be rather simplistic and while the new combat is still simple there is a new layer of depth to it.
Being able to move around means that there can be turns where you don’t get to attack your opponent and the same for your opponent. You can also set enemies up for knockback attacks. Let’s say you have Super Craig on your team and decide to punch your opponent. The attack will push them pack a bit and if one of their allies or your own is behind them your opponent will then suffer knockback damage. Again it’s not the most advanced combat system when it comes to RPGs, but I did find that it added some much needed strategy  that was lacking in the previous game.
Combat isn’t as simple as clicking a button and watching your character attack. You still have to be active when attacking. Once you select your attack, depending on what attack you are using, you’ll then have to press the space bar on the PC version at when you see the prompt or prompts or you’ll just have to mash the spacebar quickly. Now you don’t necessarily need to do participate in these little QTE events but by doing so you will gain extra damage and add effects with your attack.
One thing I love about the way the combat is down is how the game still manages to be funny even in the middle of an intense battle. I am not just talking about characters saying something funny either. You can be in the middle of a heated battle and suddenly someone will yell out,”Pause! Car!” The kids will immediately stop playing and move to the sidewalk, with the driver normally telling them not to play on the streets. There are plenty of other great movements that happen but I don’t want to spoil them. I feel that if The Fractured but Whole used any other type of combat then it just wouldn’t be able to have moments like that. Most of the comedy would just come from verbal jokes.
Being that you are playing as a superhero it only makes sense that your attacks match that of a superhero. When you starts off you’ll be able to select between three classes. A speedster with the power to run and hit your enemies really fast. A brutalist with the power to hit hard. Then there’s the blaster with the power to light people on fire. Each class as their own strengths and weaknesses. Last on you’ll be be able to select a second and even a third class. You can choose to use all of the abilities from your chosen subclass or just mix in the abilities you want. By the end of the game I was an assassin with the power of speed and could control plants.
Each class also as a ultimate ability that charges after each attack and when you get hit by an enemy.  One the bar at the top of the screen fills you will then be able to use your ultimate ability. These ultimate and dish out a ton of damage and are super fun to watch. The only downside to the ultimate abilities is that they can’t be skipped. After watching  the same lengthy cutscene over and over it does get a bit annoying and just makes you wish you could just skip to when the attack actually lands. Again they are fun to watch and most of them are actually really creative but after the third time of seeing Captain Diabetes get diabetes rage from eating a ton of sugar, it just loses it’s charm.
My only issue with the combat comes down to some of the fights you get into. There are a lot of the fight in the game that have special objectives. Normally objectives like having to get to the exit in the nursing home. Or another one has you trying to catch up to Classie inside of a strip club. While doing this you have to battle endless waves of enemies and  one named Spontaneous Bootay.  Bootay can kill you in one hit. It wasn’t the fact that they had these objective in the game it was that they used them a little too often. Actually fighting Spontaneous Bootay would have been more interesting than just moving forward fighting waves of enemies.
Now that we’ve talked about combat, let’s talk about what you’ll being outside of combat. For the most you’ll be walking around and exploring the town of South Park.  While there aren’t too many new locations to explore, I am actually fine with that. The game is supposed to feel like an episode of South Park and having the spots we seen regularly  is better than adding in locations we don’t see often.  There are a few new locations to explore. You can visit lofts at SoDoSoPa or even CtPa Town. I am a little disappointed that South Park’s mall is still unavailable to explore. I can only imagine what types of references they could have packed in something the size of the malls, or what type of fight you could have gotten into.
Exploring South Park you’ll be find loot such as costumes, artifacts, resources for crafting, and items that you can use in battle. South Park is also packed with collectibles to find. Chinpokomons have been replaced by Memberberries, finding cats for Big Gay Al,  and gathering Yaoi paintings for Craig’s dad. Finding the cats and  the paintings  will even reward you with loot.
Costumes in The Fractured but Whole have taken a bit of a downgrade. You can still still get some pretty ridiculous costumes but this time the costumes are just purely cosmetic. In the previous game you could get costumes that could have certain abilities attached to it. So, it wasn’t just a matter of how your character looked but what powers your gear could have. You honesty could just go through the entire game in your starting costume but that would take away the fun of seeing your characters running around looking like a mummy with a pair of balls on their chin.
Strap-ons   have take a bit of a turn as well. This time being called artifacts and are not being applied to your costumes. Instead every-time you level up you’ll unlock a artifact slot. Placing a artifact in this slot will boot certain statistics such as health, ally health, knockback damage etc.  You’ll also gain DNA strands as well. These affect how your abilities work. You can equip a DNA strand that will boots  the damage of your abilities. However with every positive change there could be negative changes as well. So, equipping a DNA strand that give your brawn abilities may decrease how much damage a ability that is governed by your brains statistic.
While I am a bit disappointed that costumes are just cosmetic, I do like what they did with artifacts and DNA strands. I found myself contently switching out artifacts for a more powerful one. The only thing I wish they would have done differently was not having your might being determined what artifacts you had on at the time. There were so many times where I wanted to keep a certain artifact slotted but I needed to increase my might in order to to a mission. So I had to go with the artifact that would give me the necessary might level but the time sacrificing certain stats. You can do the mission without the recommend might but depending how much much might you have versus the recommended might may make the mission a lot harder than it should be if you had the correct might.
Summons also make a return and I am a mixed on how I feel about the summons. While I am glad that they made it to where to can now use summons during any battle, including a boss battle, I am a bit disappointed that summons are now consumable items. Once you unlock a summon you are given five consumable items. Once you use all five items then you can no longer use that summon. The only summon that you can craft more of is Moses but finding the materials you need is nearly impossible. I also found that the summons weren’t as interesting as the previous game. Granted I did only unlock three summons but  still none of them really stood out.
Performance wise the only thing I really experienced was framerate issues. For the most part I was getting solid 60 FPS but would sometimes drops below 40. These drops really weren’t distracting but it is worth noting since it did happen more than once.
Final thing I want to talk is graphics and sound. Really there isn’t much to talk about. Like The Stick of Truth this game looks and sounds exactly like an episode of South Park would.  I feel that’s where a lot of the charm of these games comes from. If these games didn’t look and sound exactly like South Park then I don’t think these games would be as great as they are.
Overall if you enjoyed The Stick of Truth then you’ll most likely enjoy South Park: The Fractured but Whole. The improvements to the combat alone make it a worthy sequel.  I did find the game to be a tad funnier than the previous game though it doesn’t have as many shocking moments like Stick of Truth had. The only real draw back comes down to replay value. After you beat the game there isn’t much to do besides finding collectibles, completing side missions and trying to defeat Morgan Freeman in a fight.
Final Rating: 8/10

Why I am worried about Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite possibly 2017’s most talked about game. Even with just one cinematic trailer, no real information on the story or even game-play. Rockstar however, has earned this reputation.  Red Dead Redemption 2 is stated to come out fall of 2017 and one thing that has been confirmed is that there will be an online mode. This is where my worries start to come in.

When Grand Theft Auto V came out September 17, 2013; it became a huge hit. Averaging a score of 97 on Metacritic. It makes sense for a game like GTA 5, to receive the type of critical acclaim. It was and still is a beautiful open-world sandbox that provided hours of crazy mayhem that we as gamers   have grown accustomed to in a Grand Theft Auto game. A few weeks later after the released Rockstar released the much-anticipated online version.  Granted I was excited to play Grand Theft Auto Online, I will say that I am not much of an online gamer; I prefer to stick to a single player experience but everything about Grand Theft Auto Online made me excited.


When   Grand Theft Auto Online first went live, it had it far share of issues. Actually, it had a lot of issues. From not even wanting to load, connection issues, random crashes, and poor matchmaking. In short it was mess but once that smoothed everything out it turned out to be a lot of fun, at least for the first month or two. Most of the missions were repetitive busy work, most of the good weaponry, cars and apartments were over-priced and required having to grind the repetitive missions. Heists the reasons that most people even cared about   Grand Theft Auto Online didn’t even come out till Grand Theft Auto V was released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To make things worse Rockstar’s focus as just been on Grand Theft Auto Online. While I like seeing a game continued to get content years after its release, the single player experience the real reason people play a GTA game has been forgotten. There has not been a single bit of story DLC which is a shame because Rockstar is normally great when it comes to single player DLC. I get that Online games do need more attention than a single player game but Grand Theft Online is a franchise that is associated for its single player campaign. With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out this year I highly doubt there will ever been anything story related DLC.

Granted we really don’t know the online element of Read Dead Redemption 2 will be like. It could just be a PVP type multiplayer but I feel that Rockstar is going to try and replicate Grand Theft Auto Online. The real question is does a game that mostly likely is going to offer 20 or more hours of gameplay really need a multiplayer mode?  I feel that GTA V could have been a better and bigger game if they wouldn’t have added in the unnecessary Grand Theft Auto Online.


In conclusion while I am hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s hard not to at least be a little nervous for the single player campaign. I am sure the game is going to be great but I just don’t want the single player to be held back due to the “need” for multiplayer. I guess we’ll just have to wait till E3 gets closer and we start to see some gameplay for.